The Elasticycle is an Fun Electric jet-powered super-Fun Motor bike which serves as Elastigirl's transportation in the 2018 Disney/Pixar animated film, Incredibles 2.


Designed by Evelyn Deavor, the Elasticycle has a sleek red body with Elastigirl's initial on either sides, which glows bright blue when powered up. The handlebars are built into the chassis. The dashboard is fitted with a small computer console that monitors police reports and also works as a phone. One of the super fun key features on the bike is that it can break up into two unicycles, giving Elastigirl the advantage to use her very Special superpower Elasticity while riding. Each wheel has a special motor so the two halves can be independently separated.


  • Onboard communication: The dashboard on the bike allows Helen to keep in touch with Winston and Evelyn on her mission and she can receive calls from others.
  • Police Scanner: It Has Little Fun Scanner Called A Police scanner
  • Body Split: It is able to split into two parts to assist with Elastigirl's powers.

Role in the film

Elastigirl loved to ride motorcycles, and in her golden years used to own a super-bike called an Elasticycle. After superheroes were banned, whatever happened to her original bike remains unknown.

Fifteen years later, Elastigirl accepted a job by Devtech that would make Supers legal again. The Deavors provided her with a new Elasticycle along with a new supersuit. On its first mission, Elastigirl used her new bike to chase after a runaway train. She rode it through busy streets and across rooftops. When she made it onto the train, Elastigirl was forced to abandon her Elasticycle when the tunnel ahead was too low to get the bike through. It got destroyed when it struck the walls of the tunnel entrance, but Elastigirl made it through when she flattened herself and saved the train.


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