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Elisa Maza (pronounced "E-lisa") is a supporting character from the Disney animated series, Gargoyles. The closest human friend to the Manhattan Clan by helping the gargoyles in adapting to the modern world.



Being a cop in a big city like New York, Elisa can be tough when the situation calls for it. When she first meets the Gargoyles, she is quite skeptic about them, but becomes fast friends once she and Goliath find some common ground regarding their duty to protect the innocent. She cares for the well-being of them, going far as to keep tabs on David Xanatos when the Gargoyles or her family are involved. Over the course of the series, she falls in love with Goliath, who reciprocates, but neither of them admit how they feel about each other, as they have doubts a relationship is possible because of their different species. Eventually, they are able to get past this issue after they realize that they care for each other too deeply and finally confess their feelings in the Season 2 finale.

Physical Description

Elisa has dark blue hair, brown eyes, and olive skin with a family with combined African and Native American ancestries. Her normal outfit consists of black boots, light blue jeans with cuffs, a black shirt, and a red leather jacket. During the Avalon World Tour, she dons other outfits while visiting different locations that she is sent to by Avalon's magic.

When Puck uses his magic to transform her into a Gargoyle in the episode "The Mirror", Elisa loses her jacket, with its red leather color going to her wings while retaining her normal human skin color. She gains another foot in height, revealing her waist, along with a human skin-colored tail. She loses her shoes and gains double-jointed bare feet. She also gains extra bone structure on her forehead with small horns, bigger eyes, and pointier ears. The transformation also grants her a Gargoyle's superhuman strength, allowing her to go toe-to-toe with Demona on even terms, but still be able to use things such as Demona's laser weapon with precision accuracy thanks to her police training. Initially, she is unable to use her newfound wings to glide due to a fear of heights but overcomes it to save Goliath after he is rendered human by Puck's magic, and puts them to great effect when fighting Demona later on while the Manhattan Clan deals with Puck.


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  • Her undercover name shares the first name of her voice actress, Salli Richardson.
  • Elisa's last name was originally Chavez, but when Richardson was hired to voice her, her heritage was re-imagined as half Native American, and half Nigerian-American.
  • When Elisa dresses up in costume, she dons the dress of Disney Princesses, most notably Belle and Jasmine. However, her overall design resembles a mix between Jasmine and Pocahontas.
  • Elisa and her earlier incarnations also had a number of different jobs, including a school teacher, firefighter, museum curator, inventor, and archaeologist. For a while, she was the former partner of Xavier (the early incarnation of Xanatos), a mother, and a descendant of the Scottish Princess who became Princess Katharine.
  • The character design of Detective Ellen Yin from The Batman is an homage to her.
  • The episode "Deadly Force" is the only episode where Elisa was physically injured and her life placed in danger, nearly dying in the hospital due to the severity of her gunshot wound. The next few episodes had her using a crutch to convey the after-effects of the shot.
  • By the time of "The Cage", Elisa is stated by Goliath to be a member of the Manhattan Clan, making her the first human known to be considered part of a gargoyle clan.
  • Her DNA was used to create Delilah along with Demona's.
  • In the Goliath Chronicles episode "For It May Come True", Titania created a world where Goliath was human and married to Elisa, with two children. Elisa was also distrustful of the Gargoyles, having never met the Manhattan Clan and gotten to know them. However, canonicity is debatable.

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