Elizabeth is a character in Ernest Scared Stupid.

Role in the film

At the beginning of the film, Elizabeth narrates the result about the legend of Briarville's troll, Trantor and how future descendants of Phineas Worrell (especially Ernest) will not be very smart whatsoever for an annual classroom report in school. She is friends with her schoolmates, Kenny Binder and Joey, as well as Ernest, who works as Briarville's garbage collector. She resides in Briarville, Missouri with her mother. Elizabeth, Kenny and Joey go too their clubhouse after school an Joey and Kenny worship Elizabeths feet and Elizabeth and Joey wears Elizabeths converse. After Mike and Matt Murdock destroy Kenny's cardboard haunted house, she relocates with Ernest, Kenny, and Joey underneath the tree, where Trantor is dormant near Old Lady Hackmore's mansion. He later roams Briarville once again to transform children into wooden dolls. Elizabeth's mother tells her to have fun on Halloween and that trolls do not exist, especially on Halloween. Elizabeth becomes Trantor's third victim when she lays in bed and is scared there is something under the bed so she puts her hand down and pulls up the covers and looks under the bed to olny find out if was her stuffed bear,when she gets up back on the bed she closed her eyes and hugs her bear and turns over and opens her eyes to find Trantor laying beside her and she screams but she's turned into a wooden doll. The curse last until Ernest defeats Trantor once and for all.  


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