Ellie the Elephant is a character from the Jungle Cruise.



Ellie is an Indian elephant which was adopted as a calf by one Trader Sam during the 1930s. Sam brought Ellie along with him to the Amazon rainforest where he did work with the Jungle Navigation Company. Ellie also sometimes accompanied Sam's cousin and business-affiliate Chief Nah-Mee in his east-coast operations.

Development history

Ellie originally only appeared in Disneyland's Jungle Cruise where she stood at the feet of Trader Sam while he tried to sell shrunken heads. In 2021 the attraction was updated to removed racist stereotypes such as was the case with Trader Sam. Sam's outpost was replaced with, "Trader Sam's Gift Shop!" which is to feature Ellie. It is unknown at time of writing if Ellie is to also be installed in the Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise for the same scene.

Disney Parks


Jungle Cruise

Ellie appears at Trader Sam's outpost, trumpeting and potentially spraying at guests with her trunk.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

A photograph of Ellie is hung in this bar alongside a message from Trader Sam explaining their history.

Tokyo Disneyland

Jungle Cruise

In this version of the attraction, Ellie appears with Chief Nah-mee as he tries to sell fruit and jewellery to passing-by boats.

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