The Elmwood County Animal Shelter is a local shelter in Ohio in the 2008 film, Bolt.


When Lloyd stores Bolt and Mittens in the truck, he drives to the shelter. Thinking he's still a superdog, Bolt attempted to bust out it but it was actually Rhino, who managed to latch onto the truck when Lloyd stopped for gas.

After Rhino gives a pep talk after Bolt realizes he doesn't have any powers, they set off to free Mittens.

The only employees who worked there were Lloyd, Ester, and Martin.

Lloyd turned in and walked, bidding good night to Ester. When he left, the doors slid open, thinking it was Lloyd playing a joke, Ester took her flashlight and threaten to pepper spray him but it wasn't as Bolt and Rhino snuck in.

Needing to distract Martin, Rhino offered himself to the dogs, thanks to his mobile ball, which made him check it out all the barking.

Once freed, the trio attempted to escape. When Martin slipped off the saliva that has gotten onto Rhino's ball, he flew and hits Lloyd, in the face, knocking him out. This intern causes a helium tank to go off and fly outside, hitting the animal shelter's sign, causing it to tumble down onto Ester's pickup truck, and making contact with the propane tank on it, hence, it explodes.

Ester came back wondering what happened. Martin came out but Ester got surprised and maced him. Ester then thought Martin and Lloyd were responsible for it.

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