Emeline Partridge is a supporting character in the made-for-TV film Tower of Terror, appearing as the nanny for child actress Sally Shine.


While very little, if any, information is known about her, she is known to be of Irish descent and has been taking care of Sally Shine for a long time. In the early chapters of the film, Abigail Gregory blamed Emeline for the incident, claiming that she cast an evil spell on the actress out of annoyance over Sally's attitude, yet it turned out to be the opposite - Emeline actually cared for the girl as if she was her own daughter, despite being strict and initially hostile to anyone who tried to disturb them. This was reinforced when she and the other ghosts were shocked and dismayed over her being the fall guy for Abigail's evil machinations.

Wendy Worthington played the role of Emeline in the film, while Charlotte Helms portrayed her in the attraction.

Notes and references

  1. She played the role of the nanny in the pre-ride video; however, she wasn't given a name on it.
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