Emily Binx is Thackery's younger sister. She is a character in Hocus Pocus and is played by Amanda Sheperd.


One morning in 1693 Salem, Massachusetts, Emily is lured out of her home by the beautiful singing of the witch Sarah Sanderson. Entranced by her voice and deaf to her elder brother's frantic cries, Emily willingly follows Sarah into the woods all the way to the Sanderson Sisters' cottage. Bewitched, she sits docilely in a chair and obediently drinks the witches' potion, failing to recognize her brother when he barges in to rescue her.

The potion causes her life force to become visible, allowing the elderly witches' to steal it in order to restore their own youth and vitality. In seconds, the witches are once again youthful and Emily is reduced to a withered husk. She stirs feebly for a few moments, but soon dies of age.

Three hundred years later, Emily's spirit finally welcomes her elder brother to the afterlife, complaining that she's waited for him a long time. The witches had cursed him to live forever in the form of a black cat, but with their deaths, the curse is broken and Thackery is at last allowed to reunite with his sister.


  • Jodie Rivera, a YouTube personality by the name of VenetianPrincess, is often incorrectly cited as the actress who played the role of Emily when it was Amanda Sheperd, who has since retired from acting and is now a real estate agent. Rivera did appear in the movie but only as an extra.


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