Emira and Edric Blight are Amity's older twin siblings, who appear in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. Together, they like to cause mischief and sometimes spend time with Luz.


Emira and Edric are the opposite of Amity. They would rather cut class and have fun than study. Sometimes their fun can get a little out of hand, especially when the consequences of their actions could harm others, which they sometimes do not seem to care about. They also like to tease their little sister and calling her "Mittens". They would even go as far as exposing her diary all around school. Despite their mischievous and disobedient behavior, they are shown to have a caring side. In "Adventures in the Elements" they became unbearably protective and nice towards Amity as a way of apologizing, and help her with learning new spells.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Both Emira and Edric are adept in magic, and like all the other witches and wizards on the Boiling Isles their connection comes from sac of magic bile attached to their hearts.
    • Illusion Magic: As part of the Illusion track and given their mischievous reputation, Emira and Edric specialize in illusion based magic, which they often use to prank people.


  • "Adventures in the Elements" confirms they are twins when Eda tells Luz her plan to leave them to be eaten by the Slitherbeast while she escapes.




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