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Emma is a character in the 2003 film, The Haunted Mansion. She served as the housemaid of the mansion before she died. The exact cause of her death remains unknown.


She is an average height red-headed woman with pale white skin and hazel eyes. She wears a black housemaid uniform with a white pinafore. It is revealed that she wears the same clothes she died in. At the end of the movie, she wears a bridesmaid dress of her time.


She was very funny, polite, and obedient with a good sense of humor and very sensitive. But she also seemed to be very shy and discreet. When she meets with Sara Evers in the hallway, she asks her if she had seen her husband. With no response she walks away, Sara runs after her and when she turns the corner she has disappeared. She also seemed to be afraid of Ramsley and if she didn't follow his orders, she would be punished.

Role in the film

In the movie she serves as a supporting character, who helps Jim and his family to break the curse. She leads them to Madame Leota where she tells them of a key hidden in the mausoleum. After they retrieve the key, she and Ezra lead them to the attic where they use the key to unlock a trunk. There, they discover a letter from Elizabeth addressed to Master Gracey, which reveals that Elizabeth never intended to commit suicide, but that she loved Master Gracey and would happily be his bride. Ramsley then arrives and reveals his secret to them that he killed Elizabeth, so Master Gracey wouldn't abandon his home and heritage. Later, in the wedding ceremony, she follows Sara in the altar as the bridesmaid, unwillingly following the orders of Ramsley. At the very end, when Ramsley's defeated, Elizabeth reveals herself and the curse has been broken, and that is time for them to leave the earth and move to heaven. Following Master Gracey's and Elizabeth's departure, she pleads them to wait for them with lots of luggage in her hands. Ezra tells her that she won't need any luggage since they're going to heaven and can't bring anything but she jokingly tells him that she can. She then says good-bye to the Evers and departs for heaven along with Ezra. The last thing she says is: "Here we go!"


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