Emma Lee Bunton is an English pop singer, songwriter, actress, voice actress, presenter, and fashion designer who is best known for being in the Spice Girls group, where she is nicknamed Baby Spice for being the youngest member. After the group's second split in 2008, she started being a radio presenter on Heart London's breakfast show with Jamie Theakston, and then being the presenter of her own show on Saturdays.

She did a localization for Disney in the United Kingdom theatrical version of Planes: Fire & Rescue, where she voiced a lady car at the Honkers bar who was disgusted by a pickup truck, voiced by Theakston, flirting with her.[1][2] She also voiced Muhimu in the UK version of The Lion Guard episode "The Mbali Fields Migration".[3]


  • For unknown reasons, the Planes: Fire & Rescue home video released in the United Kingdom does not include Bunton's voice, and neither Theakston or Bear Grylls' voices.


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