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The Emotion Headquarters is the main center of Riley Andersen's mind in the 2015 DisneyPixar animated feature film, Inside Out. It is where Riley's emotions operate.


Official Description

Headquarters is the control center in Riley’s mind where all five Emotions live and work, monitoring Riley’s day-to-day experiences and guiding her along the way.


Inside Out

The Emotion Headquarters is the central location of Riley's mind. It's the room where the emotions stand behind a large control panel and each button makes Riley do a certain action (when Anger pulls two levers at the same time, Riley has a violent outburst). Depending on which emotion uses the console, the console will glow with that emotion's theme color. There is a slot at the far left of the console which light bulbs can be inserted to give Riley an idea. When Riley becomes apathic and is running away, the console gradually turns black and the controls become useless.

Its appearance is that of a condo. The walls are filled with different memories that Riley has, and there are even couches and a staircase. There's apparently a long vacuum tube that can suck out anything. When Joy and Sadness ended up getting sucked out of Headquarters, Anger, Disgust, and Fear were left to control Riley in their absence. It has a large screen in front where the emotions can see through Riley's eyes and project memories, dreams, and daydreams.



  • "Headquarters" is a pun.
  • When Riley was born, the console only consisted of a single button. 
  • When Riley gets a Brain Freeze, the whole headquarters and anything inside it will freeze, including the emotions.
  • Anger slams, bangs, or pounds a fist on the console every time he uses it.
  • At the end of the movie, the control panel became much larger and it has more multi-colored buttons and levers, and they make up more than just one expression Riley can show up. There's also a big red alarm for puberty.
  • All the emotions live and work inside the headquarters. It is implied each of the emotions has their own sleeping quarters, but they are not seen in the movie. This is odd though, because there is some stuff from the sleep quarters that can be purchased in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition, without them seen in the movie.
  • All five of the emotions have lockers located under the stairwell. Since the stairwell curves, each locker has an escalating height which matches the emotion of the same height. Anger has the smallest locker, since he is the shortest, and Joy has the biggest one, since she is the tallest of the five emotions.
    • Each emotion's locker has a symbol with the color that represents which emotion owns which locker.
    • In a possible second movie, the color is red all over headquarters.
  • When the console starts to turn black, all the controls become inoperable. Likely, this signifies the feeling of emotionless, or the console shutting down. It can also represent a mental shutdown.

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