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Emperor Belos' Castle is the home of Emperor Belos in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House.


Fifty years prior to the events of the series, Emperor Belos took control of the Boiling Isles and ended the "Savage Ages", when witches and demons used magic freely. Belos saw this as disrespectful to the titan who makes up the Isles. He founded the Coven System and built his castle as a symbol of unity.

The palace itself is settled in a canyon located at the center of the isles, surrounded by a pit of giant sharp rocks. The only access to the castle is by a metal bridge that extends from the palace, over the pit of sharp rocks, and over to a platform from where visitors come and go. Inside the castle lies the very heart of the isles, located in the throne room.


  • Relic Room: Contains magical artifacts that belong to Emperor Belos. Each one belonging to one of the main nine covens.
    • Oracle Sphere: A purple orb cradled by a three headed stone snake, representing the Oracle Coven. Made from the tears of the "Great Eye", the Oracle sphere can create an ethereal version of the user who tells them how to become their best self.
    • Greenthumb Gauntlet: A wooden gauntlet that represents the Plant Coven. It is capable of growing any kind of plant based on the user's imagination.
    • Healing Hat: A witch hat that represents the Healing coven. It can heal any injury or lift any curse.
    • Gold Harp: Representing the Bard Coven.
    • White orb containing purple clay: Representing the Abomination Coven.
    • Golden Vial: Representing the Potions Coven.
    • Silver mirror: Representing the Illusionist Coven.
    • Gold Bell: Representing the Beast Keeping Coven.
  • Throne Room: The corridor leading to the throne room contains many metallic pipes that serve an unknown purpose. The room itself houses a gargantuan, pulsing heart known as the titan heart, located above Belos' throne.


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