Evron X15 (meaning Evron the eleventh-fifth) is a character and antagonist from the PKNA comic series. He is the Evronians' emperor and one of the most formidable enemies the Duck Avenger has faced.

Despite his armies appearing throughout the comic series doing his bidding, the emperor only appears in the Xadhoom Trilogy, near the end of the series. The Emperor never leaves the planet/ship Evron, but he sends his soldiers to do his bidding across the universe instead.


The emperor has one head on his shoulders and other at the end of his tail. The tail one is the head the emperor uses to talk. The other head expresses the emperor's emotions and emits energy beams from the beak.

The emperor is one of the most evil characters in PKNA. He sees himself as superior to any other living being, despising both his peers and other species. To reach his goals, he makes false hope promises and doesn't reward others' merits. He demands absolute obedience and respect and doesn't allow anyone, not even the members of the Imperial Council, to contradict him.

Role in the comic

The emperor only appears in two issues, 36 and 37, part of the Xadhoom Trilogy. In both linked issues, the emperor uses Xari, a Xerbian survivor, to capture and depower Xadhoom. Xari doesn't suspect the "prey" is his former girlfriend Xado. With the Duck Avenger's help, Xadhoom gets free of the trap and take her revenge, destroying planet Evron and presumably killing the emperor.


  • There is an Evronian named Zotnam who looks very similar to the emperor, just like Admiral Rradokon. From there, it can be assumed that all the high chaste Evronian have two heads and with the same phisical characteristics of the emperor.

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