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Encanto is the titular location in Disney's 2021 animated feature film of the same name. It is the home of Mirabel Madrigal and her family. The village is led by Mirabel's grandmother, Alma Madrigal.

Hidden in the mountains of Colombia, it emits magical energy that gives members of the Madrigal Family special gifts. However, when the town is threatened, it's up to Mirabel, the only Madrigal without a gift, to save the town before Encanto loses all of its magic.


Years ago, while fleeing from conflict, Alma Madrigal found the land after losing her husband. Through a miracle, the candle she held onto was imbued with magic, and it granted her a sentient home, Casa Madrigal. Ever since this day, the now magical Encanto began to house a thriving village and kept it hidden from the outside world by large mountains, ensuring safety to the villagers, as well as many plants who served as food and a river which provides them with fresh water. As Encanto is cut off from other settlements and cannot trade, the town is self-sufficient and the original settlers emulated the economics of their previous town.[1][2] The village also built a church and there's even a school to educate the town's children.[3][4]

Since the magic originated from Pedro Madrigal's death, every person born in the Madrigal line was blessed with a magical gift that allowed them to help around the town. However, Alma's youngest granddaughter, Mirabel, was the only person who was not blessed with a gift. When the town of Encanto is in danger, Casa Madrigal begins to lose its magic, leading Mirabel and the rest of the Madrigal family to help save the magical town from losing its magic. Despite Mirabel's best efforts, the magic dies, and this caused the mountain range to crack, exposing the village.

While the magic soon returned to the town and the Madrigal family, the mountains were not restored. According to Charise Castro Smith, while the mountains protect the Madrigal family (since the mountains were created by their magic), they also symbolized that they were "sort of closed off from their past" and "it was intentional for the mountains to not completely close back up because now they’re able to see their past and interact with it in a healthy way without blocking it off.”[5]

Places of interest

  • Casa Madrigal: The magical house where the Madrigal family lives. It is where magic came to life. Within the house are the Magical Doors, each connected to a member of the Madrigal family and their unique magical gift, with the exception of Mirabel who has no gift.
  • Plaza: The town plaza is a wide area where all central buildings are, such as the bell tower, church, and all the shops are located.
  • River: The river is where Pedro Madrigal lost his life to soldiers, allowing his sacrifice to bless his living family with magic. Years later, after Casa Madrigal is destroyed, Mirabel goes to the river after running away. Mirabel's grandmother, Alma Madrigal finds her, explains the circumstances of Pedro's death, and reconciles with Mirabel.



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