The Enchanted Girl is a mysterious, ghost-like being who serves as the supporting antagonist of the third season of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. She uses Cassandra for a goal which is yet to be revealed that involves her destroying Rapunzel.



When the Enchanted Girl first met Cassandra at the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow, she presented herself as a kind, friendly child who wants to befriend her as she shows Cass the shadows of her forgotten past. As she helps Casandra to master her new magical abilities, however, a sinister and manipulating side to her is revealed as she poisons Cassandra's thoughts of Rapunzel and how she should use that rage towards the princess to control the Moonstone's power, in addition to revealing she desires Rapunzel's destruction at the hands of Cassandra.

Physical appearance

The Enchanted Girl takes the appearance of a young blue girl spirit that wears elegant clothes that are of a young royal or merchant.

Role in the series

At the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow, after Cassandra walks through a door that leads into a mysterious room, she is greeted by the Enchanted Girl who shows Cassandra her forgotten past, while claiming to be a new friend that has been waiting for her. Together, they witness Cassandra's childhood memories, causing Cassandra to learn she is Mother Gothel's daughter and was abandoned on the night she kidnapped the princess. As Cass' pain of remembering that cruel night causes her to cry, the Enchanted Girl tells Cassandra that she is sorry that she had to live through something like that before telling her that she'll always be overshadowed by Rapunzel and that the only way for her to end it is to take the Moonstone for herself.

As Cassandra works to fully master her new magical abilities, in "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?", the Enchanted Girl approaches Cass as her mentor on the matter. She tells her that the opal reacts to negative emotions like anger and that she should use the built up hatred Cass has for Rapunzel to power it. When Cassandra was beginning to feel guilty about her betrayal towards Rapunzel, in "Beginnings", the Enchanted Girl ensures that Cassandra remains bitter towards the princess by telling her that half of the opal's power that should be hers are within Rapunzel's regrown hair, so the princess would have protection during her journey to the Dark Kingdom.

During Cassandra's training in "Be Very Afraid", the Enchanted Girl tells her that she is destined to claim both the Moonstone and the Sundrop once she destroys Rapunzel, hearing this news from her had caused Cassandra to create red versions of the black rocks. The Enchanted Girl explains that the Moonstone's connection to both her and the rocks have caused them to react to her own emotions of fear, as well as rage. After Rapunzel and Varian got rid of the red rocks in Corona, the Enchanted Girl uses that fact to convince a doubting Cassandra that she'll always be bested by Rapunzel until she destroys her.

Sometime after Cassandra came across her adoptive father in "Islands Apart", the Enchanted Girl gets Cassandra to make return trip to the Great Tree in hopes to find anything that could help them unlock the Ultimate Power. The Enchanted Girl was angry that the scrolls there were damaged like Cass said from her late time there and knew that the Graphtic Scroll was destroyed long ago, until Cassandra tells her that the said scroll has been restored and is currently the Corona.



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