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The Energy Amplifier is an extremely powerful reactor that appears in Big Hero 6: The Series, capable of exponentially multiplying the output of any power source. The outcome would provide limitless or destructive power.

Role in the series[]

Throughout the series, three known amplifiers were created, two of which that were not entirely successful. When Obake was a student at SFIT, he attempted to create an energy amplifier, but failed when his experiment caused a catastrophic explosion that nearly took his life. He survived, but the accident that almost killed him caused damage in the temporoparietal junction of his brain, rendering him unable to tell right from wrong. The remnant of Obake's failed amplifier was kept by Professor Granville as a memento, as well as a reminder of her mistake for not providing limits.

Many tech companies, including Krei Tech, had also tried to create an energy amplifier. Alistair Krei hired the best possible scientists, but all were unsuccessful. Then it was decided that it was impossible to achieve. All further attempts to create an amplifier were abandoned. However, after Globby attempted to steal Krei's failed amplifier prototype, Hiro became inspired to create his own as part of his final semester project. Despite Granville expressly forbidding him from going through with it, Hiro still went ahead in building an amplifier in secret. Working for hours and through the night, Hiro succeeded in creating a working energy amplifier. Subsequently, he attempted to test the amplifier on a vending machine, which only succeeded in overloading it. With Fred's aid, Hiro plugged it into the rebuilt Kentucky Kaiju and attempted a low power test, causing the Kaiju to jump high into the sky before plunging into the water, resulting in a variety of sea life to wash over Heathcliff.

Hiro later stored the energy amplifier at his lab in SFIT, which was later stolen by Obake, who intended to use it to complete Lenore Shimamoto's sun generator as part of his plot to destroy San Fransokyo and rebuild it in his image. Obake then handed the amplifier off to Noodle Burger Boy to install in his machine hidden in a lighthouse. Though Hiro eventually retrieved the amplifier, the machine had managed to build enough sustaining charge to create Obake's unstable star. Realizing the only way to neutralize the star is by hitting it with an equal and opposite force, Hiro plugged the energy amplifier into the Kentucky Kaiju and made it jump so high to create a tidal wave to neutralize the star shockwave and swallow the star, thwarting Obake's plan.

In the aftermath, Granville rewards Hiro with a passing grade for his successful ingenuity before locking the energy amplifier in her office vault for safekeeping.


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