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Erica Ange is one of the secondary protagonists of Kilala Princess and the best friend of Kilala Reno.


Erica is graceful, sensible, and much less hyperactive than Kilala, and is described by the latter to be very much like a princess. Despite this, Erica is incredibly humble and amiable, acknowledging and valuing her friendship with Kilala over her skills that everyone else praises.

Role in Kilala Princess

Erica is a renown model student in her school, often looking out for Kilala or trying to get her out of trouble. Although Kilala has faults, the two are the best of friends. One day, when the school was holding a 'Princess Contest' for the fairest student, Erica is crowned the winner. However, right after this she is kidnapped by two cloaked men (later revealed to be humanoid robots) who drive her away. Kilala and her friends follow to retrieve her, believing her to be the seventh princess that Rei was looking for. Shortly after their adventure in Snow White's world, Kilala and Rei find Erica unconscious in the forest and return her back to town. Although Erica appears to be glad to be home, she begins behaving quite abnormally.

In volume 2, once the Princess Contest festivities resume, Erica is discovered to have been hypnotized by her kidnappers and tries to steal the magic tiara as it is revealed that she is not the seventh princess. However, before she is about to be shot by the men as a "reward" for retrieving it, Kilala intervenes in time just as the hypnosis wears off, sending Erica back into her senses. While Kilala runs after them, Erica runs off with Tippe for safety and tells Rei of what had transpired, inspiring Rei to go after Kilala.

Erica later appears as one of the guests during the wedding of Kilala and Rei in the final volume.

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