Ernie (better known as Ice) is the other of Max Dennison's High School bullies alongside Jay in Hocus Pocus. Like Jay, he addresses Max as "Hollywood". He steals Max's shoes when Max says he does not have cash or bud for either him or Jay. Later, Ice is stealing candy from trick-or-treaters with Jay when they confront Max again. This time, they ask him about his costume which happens to be a "Little Leaguer" as referred by Max's sister, Dani. At that moment, Ice forces Dani to pay a toll in order for her to pass by him, but Max stops him by giving them his candy. Later at 3:00 a.m., the bullies are trying to think of some other activity to do (due to most of the Halloween activities having ended) when they encounter The Sanderson Sisters due to Mary having smelt Max's scent on the shoes Ice took from Max earlier. The sisters abduct the two bullies and lock them up in cages from the ceiling of their cottage after Jay refers to them as "ugly chicks", which offends them. When Max and Allison later arrive to rescue Dani, whom the witches have abducted, the bullies beg to be saved, to which Max responds by stealing back his shoes from Ice and leaving the two there as payback for their bullying. After the Sanderson Sisters disappear off the face of the Earth at dawn, both Ice and Jay are still in their cages and singing songs including "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" to fill in the time before any citizen of Salem will find and release them from their imprisonment.


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