Escape from the Dark is a 1976 British drama film from Walt Disney Productions, directed by Charles Jarrott and starring Alastair Sim and Peter Barkworth. The film was retitled The Littlest Horse Thieves when released to the US on March 11, 1977. This was Alastair Sim's final screen role.


Three children who live in Yorkshire feel sorry for the ponies that are used as beasts of burden in the coal mines, so with the help of a groom, they set them free. Their action is well-received by the public, and so much sympathy is aroused for the ponies that the miners threaten to strike if the animals are returned to the mines.


  • Alastair Sim as Lord Harrogate
  • Peter Barkworth as Richard Sandman
  • Maurice Colbourne as Luke Armstrong
  • Susan Tebbs as Violet Armstrong
  • Andrew Harrison as Dave Sadler
  • Chloe Franks as Alice Sandman
  • Benjie Bolgar as Tommy Sadler
  • Prunella Scales as Mrs. Sandman
  • Leslie Sands as Foreman Sam Carter
  • Joe Gladwin as Bert
  • Jeremy Bulloch as Ginger


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