Eva Gabor was a Hungarian-born actress.



Eva Gabor was sister to celebrity Zsa Zsa Gabor and her first movie was Forced Landing and she appeared in talk shows. Eva had her own talk show called The Eva Gabor Show which lasted for one season. Gabor opened her wig business in 1972. Eva voiced Duchess from The Aristocats and Miss Bianca from The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under.

Green Acres

In 1965, Gabor began her role for which she is best remembered, Lisa Douglas whose attorney husband (Oliver Wendell Douglas, played by Eddie Albert) decides to leave the city. Oliver then buys and runs a farm in a rural community, forcing Lisa to leave her beloved New York City, in the Paul Henning sitcom Green Acres which aired on CBSGreen Acres was set in Hooterville, the same backdrop for Petticoat Junction (1963-1970) which occasionally crossed over its sister sitcom. Despite proving to be a ratings hit, staying in the top twenty for its first four seasons, Green Acres and another sister sitcom show, The Beverly Hillbillies were canceled in 1971 in the CBS network's infamous "rural purge" - which attempted an attract a younger viewer demographic, as most viewers of the series were at least 40 years old.


Eva Gabor was married five times:


Eva Gabor died in Los Angeles on July 4, 1995, from respiratory failure and pneumonia, following a fall in the bathtub in Mexico, where she had been on vacation.

As the youngest of the Gabor sisters, she had predeceased her eldest sister, Magda, (1915-1997) and her mother, Jolie Gabor, (1896-1997) whom both died two years later in 1997, and Zsa Zsa who died on December 18, 2016.


Gabor is interred in Westwood Village Memorial Park and buried just yards from her niece Francesca Hilton (1947-2015), and her friend and former co-star Eddie Albert (1906-2005).


Jolie's side

  • Dorottya Stein (1860-1896): great-grandmother
  • Franceska Tilleman (1879-1944): grandmother
  • Ethel Reinhertz (1881-1931): great-aunt
  • Joseph Tilleman (1865-unknown): grandfather
  • Dora Tilleman (1891-1980): aunt
  • Zseni Tilleman (1892-1969): aunt
  • Sydonia Tilleman (1895-1895): aunt
  • Jolie Gabor (1896-1997): mother
  • Rozalie Tilleman (1898-1973): aunt
  • Sebastian Sebi Tilleman (1907-1944): uncle

Vilmos Side

  • Salamon Grün: grandfather
  • Rozália Kluger: grandmother
  • Vilmos Gábor (Grün) (1881-1962): father
  • Lajos Gábor (Grün) (1894-1945): uncle
  • Joseph Gábor (1889-1944): uncle
  • Magda Gabor (1915-1997): sister
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor (1917-2016): sister


  • Francesca Hilton (1947-2015): niece
  • Count Edmond Odon de Szigethy (1912-1989): stepfather

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