This article is about the Eve character from Life-Size 2. For her original counterpart, see Eve (Life-Size).

Eve, also known as Eve A4114, is a plastic doll, and a secondary protagonist of Life-Size 2.

Life-Size 2

Marathon Toys, the company that created the Eve dolls, is trying to catch up with current trends by making digital apps, games, and toys. The board of directors votes to discontinue toys that aren't selling so the company can stay afloat. They decide that that the Eve line is not selling, and chooses to cancel the toy, despite being one of the original toys that helped the company make money.

Marathon CEO, Grace Martin is going through an old box of her things at home and discovers her Eve doll, and a book, Holcroft's Book of the Dead, which was given to the company by Casey Stuart, when Grace's mother Eleanor ran the company. Grace is hanging out with her young neighbor, Lex, who convinces her to perform a magic spell, as Gracie does not believe in magic. When nothing happens after the spell is performed, Grace sends Lex home. Neither of them notice that the Eve doll begins to glow.

Grace awakens the next morning to find Eve as a full-size human in her bed. Grace does not know who this woman is and tries to get her to leave, but is unsuccessful. Eve follows her to a restaurant where Grace is having brunch with her friends. Eve orders a bunch of food, eating it all as well as liquid butter. The restaurant's chef, Hyde, comes to the table, saying he was impressed with Eve's extravagant order. Hyde begins to flirt with Eve, then leaves. Eve then hears Grace and her friends discuss the cancellation of the Eve dolls, and steps outside for some air. While outside, Eve makes a call on her cell phone, which connects her back to Sunnyvale. Eve A4618 answers the call, and when Eve tells her that the toy company is planning to discontinue the dolls, A4618 tells her that she has four days to ensure that the line is saved, or they (and all other Eve dolls) will cease to exist.

Eve returns to the restaurant and Grace's friend Tahlia suggests they get Eve new clothes and a new hairstyle as her current look (evening gown) looks out of place. Tahlia gives Eve a new hairstyle, then the group goes on a shopping spree, buying Eve several new outfits. During the shopping spree, Grace is still skeptical that Eve is the doll she had growing up. Eve proves her identity by removing her shoe and showing everyone the serial number on the sole of her foot, "A4114".
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