'Take part in quizzes, hunt for hidden items and complete quests to unlock the mysteries of Evermoor High.' - Website description

Evermoor High is an online game appearing on the Disney Channel website before the Series 1 premiere of The Evermoor Chronicles. This game is set around the school of Evermoor.



Tara is sent on many quests throughout the game.

  • Back to School
  • Big date with Cam - Part 1
  • Big date with Cam - Part 2
  • Big date with Cam - Part 3
  • Tara's Inspiration
  • Otto's Story
  • Bella's Story
  • Cameron's Story
  • Ghost Hunter
  • Seb and Sorsha
  • Thread of Fate

Special Objects

Throughout the game, Tara is requested to collect various items. These are as follows:

  • Common Room key
  • Letter
  • Thimble
  • Hammer
  • Concert tickets
  • Teacup


In the game, you can win 'mysterious' objects scattered all over Evermoor. If you complete a collection, you win rewards.

  • Terrific Toys - Blue doll, pink doll, duck, unicorn
  • Great Outdoors - Dead leaves, stick, tree stump, flower and wellies
  • Bella's Stuff - Lipstick, jacket, handbag
  • Creepy Critters - Raven, snake box, rat
  • Handy Gadgets - Radio, typewriter, coffee
  • Tea Time - Cake server


During the game, Tara Crossley can take quizzes, made by Mayor Doyle, which appear on her laptop to make progress in the game.

List of quizzes:

  • My Buddy
  • My Style Quiz
  • Big Book Quiz
  • Seb and Sorsha Quiz


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