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―Evil Clown

The Evil Clown is a minor villain in The Brave Little Toaster. The only line he says (other than demented laughter heard in the background) is "Run."


His appearance is a slender, monstrous clown, with white skin, olive nose, magenta lips, light yellow teeth, vermilion hair styles like devil's horns, red eyes with yellow sclerae, dressed as a firefighter with a wicked smile holding a fork and fire hose.

Role in the film

The Evil Clown appears in the Toaster's dream. He appears with a fork and hose in his hand after the Master ends up being carried away out of the kitchen by the smoke. Toaster glances anxiously up at The Evil Clown, who glances at Toaster and dares him to run for his life and watches Toaster, who begins to do what the Clown dares him to do on what's left of the kitchen counter. The Clown, looking very amused at the situation of Toaster running in fright, then puts his hose, and lets out a blast of water, that later becomes a huge wave of forks, that he merely escapes from. He disappears after shooting the hose, but is heard laughing in the bathroom with Toaster hanging over a bathtub filled with water and his cord plugged into the Circuit losing his grip. As Toaster tries to hold on for dear life, but fails by losing his balance, and falls into the bathtub, he and his friends are awoken by a loud thunderclap, bringing him out of his nightmare.


  • The sequence with the clown is considered to be the scariest scene of the movie.
  • His scene is rather pointless, as he does not appear in the original novel. He comes out of nowhere, does not serve any particular purpose, and Toaster never mentions him after the scene ends (referred to as a "Big Lipped Alligator Moment" by movie tropers). This makes it arguably the most realistic depiction of a dream in any Disney production, as real-life dreams are generally considered meaningless, inconsequential, and without any semblance of logic, not even a deliberate lack thereof as with the likes of Wonderland.
  • Given his attire, this clown is similar to the Fireman Clowns from Dumbo.



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