Exchange Student


Exchange Student is an animated short film in the Short Circuit series produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios released as a Disney+ exclusive on January 24, 2020.


Life is hard enough for an exchange student at a new school, but as the only earthling at a school for aliens, the central character in this fanciful story is the ultimate outsider and must prove her worth to be accepted by her unusual new classmates.


A young girl from Earth arrives at her new school in space which consists of blue blob aliens. The aliens immediately make fun of the girl for her appearance, her taste in food (pizza as opposed to purple fruit) and her high pitched "shrill" (singing).

Embarrassed, the girl sits alone at recess when the aliens accidentally kick their ball over the fence. The girl decides to retrieve it much to the aliens' concern. She finds the ball sitting in a patch of plants, but when she reaches for it, the plants come alive and bite her, causing her to scream in pain.

The plants, afraid of her scream, retreat and the girl screams at all the plants, revealing more lost items. The girl brings all the lost items back to the aliens' joy and welcome her into their group when one of the aliens accidentally kicks the ball back over the fence, annoying everyone. In the credits, the girl is shown introducing pizza to the aliens.


  • Brittany Morgan as Girl
  • Aliens/Plants:
    • Michael Herrera
    • David Kohut
    • Michael Weissman
    • Adam DesCombes
    • Fabienne Rawley
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