"Extraordinary" is a song from the episode, "Great Balls of Water", sung by Candace Flynn as she first laments her inability to come up with some interesting activities for her and Jeremy to do that day, before coming up with ways to potentially make herself more interesting.


I want to be extraordinary
Not just extra-ordinary
It seems like everywhere I see
People far more interesting than me
I know that change is kind of scary
But maybe I should try to vary
Some minor detail a small degree
A slightly different version of me...
I could learn to cook vegetarian
Or take a fashion workshop,
Meditate, calculate,
Learn to knit a tank top,
Yoga, hula, clogging, jogging,
Walking on a tightrope,
Take a correspondence course
And learn to make my own soap,
Jumping on a pogo stick,
Standing in a wheat field,
Going on a snipe hunt
(Gotta keep my eyes peeled),
Take a little time
To really decorate my door, and
Change my hair to black
And then I'll dye it back to orange,
Underwater taxidermy,
Shopping for a suitcase,
Peeling tangerines
While placing second in a sack race,
Lion taming, online gaming,
Trying to win a prize fight,
Appearing on a talk show
Dressed up like a water sprite,
I'm gonna be extraordinary!
I'm gonna stand out from the crowd
And shout out loud
You'll see:
I'll be a brand-new me!

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