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"Eye of the Storm" is the forty-ninth episode of Gargoyles, and the thirty-seventh single-part episode of the series. It aired on February 13, 1996.


Goliath and the others arrive in Scandinavia, Norway where Elisa and Angela's lives are put into peril and lured by Odin who seeks to claim his eye. Goliath dons the talisman in order to prevent it, but becomes more of a danger to his friends than his enemies by its sheer power.


  • Odin is introduced. He later appears in the first part of The Gathering.
  • Goliath uses the Eye of Odin himself, after making a vow in "Avalon" Part Three that he would not let it fall into the wrong hands - he had done the same thing with the Phoenix Gate in M.I.A.. Unlike in that episode, in this case the wrong hands happened to be his own.
  • The Eye of Odin is effectively destroyed in this episode, being reinserted into Odin's eye socket.


  • Goliath's Odinized form was designed partly as a proposal for a Gargoyles toy (like Brooklyn's motorcycle in Temptation and the converted Pack-chopper in Her Brother's Keeper), but was rejected by Kenner. (Kenner's Gargoyles line gained a notoriety among fans of the series for doing too many "alternate" takes on the gargoyles in a super-powered mode and not enough characters from the television series, making it ironic that the one time that the series offered them an actual enhanced version of one of the main gargoyles for inspiration, they rejected it.)
  • Erik and Gunther Sturluson's surname is borrowed from Snorri Sturluson (1179 - 1241), the medieval Icelandic author of the Prose Edda, one of the leading primary sources for Norse mythology.
  • Odin's horse, Sleipnir is portrayed as having only four legs, rather than the eight that he bore in Norse myth. The reason for that is that the animators were able to do a far better job designing a four-legged horse than an eight-legged horse (Greg Weisman has hypothesized that Sleipnir was in an alternate form at the time).
  • At the very end of the episode, Odin is seen riding off on Sleipnir across a rainbow. This is obviously Bifrost, the rainbow bridge leading to Asgard, home of the Norse gods. (Since Odin would not receive the call to return to Avalon for the Gathering until somewhere between Ill Met by Moonlight and The Gathering Part One, evidently Asgard is not part of Avalon but a home for Odin and the other Norse gods in the outside world.)


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