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I will die doing what's right!
―Fa Zhou

Fa Zhou is a supporting character in Disney's 1998 animated feature film, Mulan. He is a retired war hero and the father of Fa Mulan. When an emergency calls for the aged Fa Zhou to return to battle, Mulan secretly takes his place under the guise of a man.


Fa Zhou was raised in a small village in China, to Grandmother Fa (his mother) and his unnamed late father. He was a war hero of a previous, unnamed conflict, as well as was known to the extent that Shang mentioned his name with awe when it appeared on Fa family's conscription notice, even referring to him as "THE Fa Zhou." At the time of the film, he is at an advanced age, as well as limps using a crutch due to a leg injury sustained from that war. After the war, he married Li, and had a daughter named Fa Mulan.

Physical Appearance[]

Fa Zhou is shown to be a tall and slender middle-aged Chinese man with the visible signs of aging being clearly visible. He has the defining characteristics of most Chinese people including black hair and brown eyes.


He is shown as being fairly traditional, putting family honor before many other things, including his own health, which strains his relationship with Mulan at first. Despite this, he is shown to be understanding, as he comforts Mulan after her failed meeting with the Matchmaker by comparing her beauty to a late blossom on the family's trees. After that, however, he says to Mulan that she "dishonored" him when she was trying to help him. When Mulan returned home from the war against the Huns and presented Fa Zhou the sword of Shan Yu as well as the crest of the emperor as gifts to honor the family, he tossed them aside and embraced his daughter, telling her that he had always been proud of her.



Fa Zhou is first seen praying that his ancestors will aid his daughter Fa Mulan during her trip to see the Matchmaker. After praying he bumps into Mulan, who is carrying a teapot and cup on a tray causing her to drop them but he catches the teapot using his crutch and she brings out a spare teacup telling what the doctor told him: he needs three cups of tea in the morning and three at night. Fa Zhou then tells Mulan that she should be in town and wishes her good luck. After that, he decides to pray to his ancestors some more. When Mulan fails, he is saddened but comforts her while sitting underneath a cherry blossom tree, by drawing a comparison between Mulan and a late bloom on the tree.

When Chi Fu, the Emperor's consul, arrives to distribute conscription notices, Fa Zhou, as the only man in the family, puts aside his crutch and walks to accept the scroll. Out of stubborn pride, he doesn't take up the crutch again and attempts to practice with his old sword in preparation for war. However, it quickly becomes apparent that he will likely die if he goes, due to his age and injuries in the past. Having seen him practice, Mulan argues with him, stating that he shouldn't have to go as they are plenty of men to fight for China. Fa Zhou says it's his duty to protect his country and his family. Mulan still thinks it's unfair that he has to die for honor. Fa Zhou angrily yells at her that Mulan needs to learn her place, as he has learned his. This hurts Mulan as she runs off in tears, but Fa Zhou ignores her and sits down to continue eating (as he slowly regrets his hurtful words). Later that night, before going to bed, he is seen talking with his wife in silhouette trying to comfort her and she too runs off in tears, knowing that he will not survive the war.

After Mulan steals both the conscription notice and his armor to join the army in his place, Fa Zhou attempts to call to her, but he collapses as he runs. Fa Li asks him to go after Mulan, fearing that she could be killed in the war. He sadly notes that if Mulan is revealed as a woman, she would be killed, as Chinese law states that women are forbidden to serve in the army.

Fa Zhou does not appear again until the end of the film. He is seen sitting under the cherry blossom tree when Mulan returns home after the war. Mulan presents him with Shan Yu's sword and the Emperor's crest as gifts to honor the family. Fa Zhou sets the gifts aside before hugging Mulan, proclaiming that his 'greatest gift and honor' is having her for a daughter, indicating that he had always been proud of her. He speaks briefly with Li Shang, who has arrived to see Mulan under the guise of returning a helmet that belongs to Fa Zhou (which Mulan had left behind earlier). With Fa Zhou's approval, Mulan invites Shang to dinner.

Mulan II[]

Fa Zhou reappears in this film but plays a minor role. When Mulan and Shang are called to perform a task for the Emperor, he advises them that they must work together like sun and rain. Although he usually doesn't gamble, he makes a bet with Grandmother Fa, which he wins: Grandmother Fa bet that Shang would propose to Mulan before sunset, while Fa Zhou bet that he would propose before noon. His wife remarks on how he did not gamble, to which he replies that he considers gambling with his mother to be an investment rather than gambling.

Mulan (2020)[]

Your job is to bring honor to the family. Do you think you can do that?
―Hua Zhou advising Mulan to bring honor to his family

Fa Zhou appears in the remake with his family name changed to Hua Zhou to make it close to the original story.

Hua Zhou is first seen seeing his daughter Mulan chasing a chicken across the village which she leads the chicken into its coop, much to Mulan accidentally causing a mess across the village as he stares at his daughter in worry. He then discusses with his wife Hua Li at home that his daughter is trying to control herself. During a discussion, Hua Li tells him that the Matchmaker will find a good husband for Mulan to marry, fearing that the people would call Mulan a witch, telling Zhou to have a talk with his daughter. Zhou then approaches Mulan repairing the broken wing from the statue of the Phoenix, asking her why the Phoenix sits at the entrance of the shrine, which he describes the Phoenix as the emissary of the Hua family ancestors, thinking that the Phoenix will protect Mulan, even though the wing from her statue is broken, as well as telling Mulan about using the power of chi in a wise way as this is mostly for warriors, telling her to bring honor to her family.

Years later when Mulan grows up, Hua Li tells her that the Matchmaker has found an auspicious match while her husband Hua Zhou tells her to sit down for a conversation. During a conversation, Mulan tells her family that she will bring honor to them. However, after a failed conversation with the Matchmaker, the Chancellor brings a decree to the Hua family to join the fight, which Hua Zhou was chosen to join the battle. Zhou tells the Chancellor that he has joined the Imperial Army since his last battle, as well as telling him about his two daughters. Later that evening, Hua Li discusses with Hua Zhou that he made great sacrifices to save the village. As Mulan tries to prevent her father from going to war, which he tells Mulan that he must bring honor to his family on the battlefield just as he tells Mulan to learn her place. As he leaves, his wife Hua Li tells Mulan that her husband Hua Zhou will not return from war.

Mulan approaches her father getting ready for war as she studies his sword, as well as the symbol of the Phoenix, telling her that the Phoenix followed Zhou into battle before and will follow him when he goes to battle. He then tells Mulan that she must be courageous for her family, telling her that it is his honor to sacrifice for the Emperor just before Zhou tells his daughter to get some rest as he plans to leave for war in the morning. Hearing of this, Mulan takes Hua Zhou's sword and armor to protect her father. After seeing that Mulan has left for war, Hua Zhou tells his wife that he must protect Mulan to make sure she is safe. Zhou visits his family's shrine telling his ancestors to protect Mulan by sending in the Phoenix to protect her.

During Mulan's conversation with Commander Tung, the latter tells her that he has been sensing the secret of her father Hua Zhou was a great soldier, warning Mulan that she can't allow her father's legacy to hold her back, convincing Mulan to cultivate her chi which she continues to do so to get ready for battle against the Rourans.

After Mulan returns from war, she approaches Hua Zhou who is furious of her taking his horse, his sword (which she lost), and his armor to save her family, even though she was planning to bring honor to her family, which Zhou apologizes to Mulan because his daughter means everything to him just as he emotionally reunites with his daughter, making amends with her. Suddenly, Commander Tung approaches Hua Zhou, telling him that he is honored to receive him and the Emperor's Guard while Sergeant Qiang presents the gift to Mulan for bringing honor to her family, ancestors, kingdom, and country which Mulan makes amends with her father as Mulan is praised for her heroic deeds.

Other appearances[]

Fa Zhou makes a few cameos in House of Mouse. He was notably present during Mickey and Ludwig's bet in "Ask Von Drake".


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  • Though he does not appear physically, Fa Zhou is mentioned more than once by Mulan in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Fa Zhou's live action counterpart lacks the mustache/goatee combo his animated version has.
  • In the 2020 live-action version, he has a younger daughter named Hua Xiu.

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