Fagin's Scooter is a 3-wheeled gas-powered scooter/shopping cart-hybrid owned by Fagin. It is equipped with a horn and light in the front. The cart, which is attached by means of a pair of road blocks, is used as a way to carry passengers on board; mainly Dodger, Tito, Rita, Francis, Einstein, and recently Oliver, Georgette, and Jenny

Role in the film

Fagin used his scooter in the film to drive his dogs and Oliver (on the first of the three days he was given by Sykes to pay his debt to him) through traffic so as to find ways on how to earn or even steal money. Fagin tells Oliver and his dogs to get out and fetch for food while he tries to find money. Later on, after Jenny is kidnapped by Sykes, Fagin uses it to drive to Sykes' warehouse to rescue Oliver, Dodger, and the gang, who somewhat rescued Jenny. Fagin drives his friends away from Sykes' warehouse hoping to lose Sykes, who attempts to catch up with them in his car. Fagin drives into a subway station and a tunnel, but Sykes, driving like a madman, still pursues them. It is later used by Tito while Fagin tries to rescue Jenny, who accidentally landed on Sykes' hood after his car tackled it. As a train approaches their way, Tito is able to drive everyone to safety on one of the Brooklyn Bridge's cables. After Sykes' death, due to the train colliding with his car and knocking it into the Hudson River, Tito drives everybody back down to safety. The next day, after celebrating Jenny's eighth birthday, Fagin drives his dogs in it, who are singing a reprise of "Why Should I Worry", back home as the film ends.


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