The Fairy Godmother is a supporting character of the 1997 film, Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella.

Role in the film

After her Stepmother and stepsisters pointedly flounce off to the prince's ball without her, a dispirited Cinderella wishes harder than ever before to go to the ball. In answer, her Fairy Godmother suddenly appears at the window, stating that dreamers are silly because they never set out to achieve their dreams.

She encourages her goddaughter to make her wish come true but supports her by providing transportation in the form of a gilded pumpkin carriage, shapeshifted mice as temporary servants, and a beautiful gown complete with glass slippers. Her hope renewed, Cinderella embraces her Fairy Godmother and eagerly rushes off into the coach, but not before her Fairy Godmother warns her that the magic will wear off at midnight. Cinderella happily muses on her good fortune as she makes her way to the castle with her Fairy Godmother along for the ride.

As the carriage pulls up to the palace steps, the Fairy Godmother reassures her nervous goddaughter that she can handle this, but she'll have to handle it alone if she wants her wish to come true. A while later, the sight of her stepmother advancing towards her frightens Cinderella into rushing back outside, begging to go back home. The Fairy Godmother accuses her of giving up but provides moral support until she vanishes at Prince Christopher's approach.

Once she's returned home after the ball's end, Cinderella is treated especially cruelly by her Stepmother, a sharp contrast to the bliss she experienced at the ball. Unable to accept her stepfamily's harsh treatment much longer, she prays to her father to help her find the strength to seek out a happier life. Her Fairy Godmother reappears at her goddaughter's misery and advises her to share her feelings with the prince, encouraging her to trust him to love her as she really is.

Once Prince Christopher and Cinderella are reunited, the Fairy Godmother gives them one last gift of elegant wedding clothes as she happily presides over their wedding.


  • The Fairy Godmother is over six hundred years old.


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