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Faloo is a character from the Disney 1990 movie The Rescuers Down Under, sequel to the 1977 film The Rescuers. She is voiced by Carla Meyer, who also voiced Cody's Mother in the film.

Role in the film

In the movie, Faloo is a female kangaroo and a friend of Cody's and calls out to him with the warning call if an animal has been caught so he can save them. When Cody hears her calling one morning he asks her who's been caught and Faloo replies that her name is Marahute the Great Golden Eagle (an animal he didn't know). Faloo also tells Cody that he's the one who can reach her as Marahute is caught on a cliff in a poacher's trap. Cody tells her he'll get the eagle loose, and rides on Faloo's back. When they reach the cliff, Faloo tells Cody to be careful. Faloo is only seen again for a short period of time after this when Marahute swoops down after Cody rescues her and she gives Cody a ride. Faloo is seen looking up in amazement as Cody and Marahute fly off. Faloo is not seen throughout the rest of the film.


  • Although this is unknown Faloo might have been a lost relation or mate of another kangaroo named Red who Cody meets while imprisoned at McLeach's lair, but that remains unknown.
  • In one of the book adaptations of the film, Faloo's fur is brown.
  • Despite being a female Kangaroo, she lacks a pouch, probably because she has yet to give birth.


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