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Fan is Ebenezer Scrooge's younger sister and Fred's mother in A Christmas Carol. She is voiced by Robin Wright Penn, who also voiced Belle.



In every typical adaptation, Fan, or Fran in some iterations, is shown to be a kind, caring, and loving individual. Her home life with Ebenezer is not shown, but it is greatly implied that she cares a great deal for him and possibly even idolizes him. She was the one to personally ask for him to come home for the holidays and was overjoyed to greet him.

Physical description[]

Fan is depicted as a young blond haired girl, possibly 11-12 years old, and wears appropriate winter clothing of the era. Interestingly, in most adaptations, Fan is usually depicted as being just slightly younger than Ebenezer, almost a young adult.


A Christmas Carol[]

Fan and her older brother Scrooge were very close. However, their father neglected them and Scrooge was sent to Boarding school, while Fan stayed home and was presumably educated by a Governess, living with her emotionally distant and (implied) at times abusive father.

It was Fan that brought Scrooge back from boarding school after being neglected by his father.

Years later, Fan died giving birth to Fred.


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