Feats of Clay is the 39th and final episode of Quack Pack.


What in the World is in China filming a report on archaeologist Dr. William Wu and the Ancient Terracotta Army, an army of clay statues he has found. There, Huey befriends Dr. Wu's apprentice Soo Ling. The Terracota Army comes to life and must be stopped, but as Soo repeatedly tells, "nothing is what it seems".


The episode begins with a stranger going around in the streets of China and the police lose track of the culprit.

One day, Huey, Dewey and Louie are eating noodles. Louie has trouble using his chopsticks, and Dewey tells him he just needs the right moves. Huey then sees a girl walk by and then at first trying to woo her, he gets pelted by a woman with a fish. He continues to follow her and finally wins her over with a fortune cookie. The girl then reveals herself to be Soo Ling and she takes him to a magician. He magically gives Soo flowers, but Huey believes it to be a trick. Soo tells him he is a powerful sorcerer, but Huey doesn't take her seriously. In response, the sorcerer conjures up a dragon which burns Huey's pants and revealing his humanoid buttocks. Dewey and Louie take notice of this, and while Huey tries to cover himself up, they take his cover while riding a scooter. Soo tells Huey there's good and evil magic, and the sorcerer magically patches Huey's pants. Then she tells him, "nothing is what it seems." and gives him a marble.


  • Huey's bottom is seen twice in this episode, except it is in a humanoid manner.


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