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Felicia Sundew is a supporting character in the 2019 series Amphibia.



Felicia is a kind and caring individual. She is, in many aspects, a motherly figure, especially since she has a single daughter to look after and adores Sprig, especially when he is with her. While she hardly shows it, she does display some slight superiority over others such as when she would only shake Hop Pop's hand with a handkerchief. She can also be greedy as she pushed for her daughter's marriage to Sprig just so she and Hop Pop can get the benefits of a merger. Nevertheless, she is a generally nice person who loves holding a conversation.

Although she seems like a prissy and proper woman who only cares about tea and perfection, Felicia is shown to be well-versed in a form of martial arts, because of the trips she took to collect tea and the china for her tea shop. She used daily chores as a way to teach her daughter self-defense, hoping to take her on her next adventure.

Physical appearance

Felicia is a skinny yellow frog who, just like the other frogs in Wartwood, has four fingers and two toes on each hand and foot. She has a light green tongue and a small bit of red lipstick on and two giant round white eyes. Her most distinguishing feature is her red hair which is long and tied into a large braid while a crown of green flowers sits on her head. She wears a nice green dress that fits with the semi-medieval theme of Amphibia.

Role in the series

In "Anne or Beast?", Felicia strolling through Wartwood Swamp. She was later seen among the townspeople to hunt down Anne Boonchuy until Hop Pop Plantar was allowed by Mayor Toadstool to provide Anne some shelter.

In "Girl Time", Felicia serves Anne and Polly Plantar as they eat at her restaurant. Seeing how Anne and Polly are having some "girl time," Felicia advises the two to go get massages. After they leave, Felicia checks their bill and notices it was paid with an IOU, causing Felicia to realize it is worthless. Felicia searches for Anne and Polly with Sheriff Buck Leatherleaf and the citizens until they are caught. Felicia watches the sheriff force Anne and the Plantars to repay their debt until they managed to successfully do so when Polly breaks Wartwood's spitting record which allows Felicia to get a piece of the record's golden trophy.


Ivy Sundew

Felicia loves her daughter very deeply. However, she can be greedy, as she pushed for her daughter’s marriage just to get the benefits of a merger. Felicia is also shown to be strict towards Ivy, expecting her to do her chores perfectly and attend her tea ceremony classes. It is then revealed that the chores and tea lessons were to teach Ivy to defend herself so that she’ll be prepared for a future tea-gathering adventure, showing that Felicia cares deeply for Ivy’s safety and well-being. Despite their occasional misunderstandings, they love each other dearly.

The Plantars

Like the rest of Wartwood, Felicia has something of a love-hate relationship with the Plantars. She appreciates them for what they bring to the community, but she also gets annoyed at their constant disruptions. She shares the same type of high aspirations for her child that Hop Pop expresses towards Sprig and Polly. While she’s generally friendly to them, she might express some slight snobbish attitude towards Hop Pop as she lives within the finer area of Wartwood while the Plantars live on a farm outside of town. Nevertheless, she, along with the rest of the town, came to appreciate them and even their disruptions. After the Plantars and Anne escaped to Earth, Felicia was worried about them as she questioned Sasha and Captain Grime about their whereabouts.


  • Felicia's name is pronounced as "Fuh-lee-see-uh".
  • It seems that Felicia is not married, meaning that she might be a widow or separated from her spouse.
  • Like with many other characters on the show, her relationship with the Plantars seem to go back and forth between friendly neighbors ("Cracking Mrs. Croaker") to mild annoyance ("Girl Time").
  • Her hair style, dress and the fact that she is barefoot, is oddly similar to that of Rapunzel from Tangled.
  • While she displays a slight country accent, her daughter does not share this characteristic.
  • Despite seeming prim and proper, Felicia is shown to be physically competent as she had to learn self-defense to survive her past travels.
  • When the episode "True Colors" was leaked online, a personal message from Felicia was released asking fans to wait for the official release of the episode while also reminding the viewer to stop by her establishment and to bring money.[1]



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