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Fennwick is a character in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. He is a cyclops who is one of the construction workers preparing to tear down the fountain containing an extremely rare Phoenix Gem.


Not much of Fennwick's personality is known other than his duty as a construction worker. It is shown that Fennwick cannot deny himself from tearing down the fountain containing a Phoenix Gem much to Barley's protests.

Role in the film

Fennwick is first seen in a video footage of Barley Lightfoot trying to prevent an ancient fountain he is trying to prevent from being torn down, but the construction workers refuse as they plan to continue demolishing the site of the fountain. Later during the climax of the film where Barley prepares to insert the flower-shaped piece from one of the raven statues at Raven's Point, Fennwick and a fellow woman elf prepare to stop him from getting onto the fountain, but much to Barley's rebellious plan, he manages to fend them off. Just as the construction workers call the police to arrest Barley for trespassing, Barley inserts the piece onto the fountain unleashing a rare Phoenix Gem containing a curse spreading across New Mushroomton to reveal an enormous artificial dragon. It is unknown what happened to Fennwick afterwards, even after the curse is broken.


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