Figaro's Clothiers
Figaro's Clothiers is a shop located in Mediterranean Harbor. This apparel shop is named after the protagonist of the world famous opera, "The Barber of Seville." Mickey, Minnie and other Disney characters dressed as famous characters from the world of opera welcome you.

This shop is as elegant and colorful as an opera house, and is full of fashionable clothing, jackets, hats, baby goods and more. Figaro's Clothiers also has appropriately costumed representations of Disney characters.

A word of caution about buying clothing at Tokyo Disney Resort: Japanese clothing is small. If the buyer is an American and the buyer wears a large-sized T-shirt, buy an "L"-sized T-shirt in the store and people can guarantee the buyer it will be way too small. Making matters worse, they do not have sizes for larger (or even medium) sized customers at all. Unless the buyer wears a small or medium-sized T-shirt, the buyer probably will not be able to find anything to wear in the store.


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