Finale (Farewell and Aloha) is the closing song featured in the Disneyland attraction, The Enchanted Tiki Room. It is sung at the end of the attraction where the four master of ceremonies birds conclude their show after Michael explains that the tiki gods are angry for all the celebrating in the Tiki Room. The song is only heard in the classic versions of the attraction.


It is sung by the Tiki Room birds and the birds of paradise (the plant variant) alongside the orchids who also join in the song. After the song, guests leave the attraction as it loops into a rendition of "Heigh-Ho" where the exit doors open.


Pierre: (speaking) Monsieur and Madame, it's time to say adieu, but we hope you will remember the amazing things which happened here in Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room.

Chorus: The birdies had their fling
(birds whistle)
You've heard the flowers sing
(orchids vocalize)
Tikis the play the drums
(drum verse)
(with orchids joining in) Hear them do the chant
(chant verse)

Farewell and aloha to you!

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