Ray's firefly family are characters from the Disney film The Princess and the Frog. The family is seen in during the "Gonna Take You There" musical number and in Ray's funeral.

Role in the film

The family is called by Ray who wants to guide his new friends to Mama Odie. Without any questions the family gladly guide Ray and his friends halfway through the bayou. Ray insists that he gone on without them and take them the rest of the way. Later in the film when Ray is killed by Doctor Facilier, Tiana with Naveen and Louis take Ray's dead body to the bayou where a funeral is held. The family cheers when they see that Ray has joined Evangeline among the stars. The family then attend Tiana and Naveen's bayou wedding. After the wedding, the family celebrate alongside Tiana, all her friends and citizens of New Orleans in the opening of her restaurant.