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First To Dance is a deleted song from Pocahontas. Since it was supposed to be sung by Grandmother Willow along with Pocahontas, and John Smith, it was actually after In the Middle of the River.


John Smith: I've seen this a hundred times before. When people are ready to fight, nothing can stop them.

Grandmother Willow: If you truly believe that, John Smith, then all is already lost.

There are tales the wind has told me
Of the bloody ways of men
They have happened many times before
They are happening again

But tonight I had a vision
It was beautiful to see
All the people in a circle
Dancing underneath a tree

And at the center of the circle
You were dancing hand in hand
Listen with your heart
You will understand


John Smith: I don't see anything.

Pocahontas: The ripples.

Grandmother Willow: Yes! So small at first. Then look how they grow. But someone has to start them.

(singing again)

Someone has to start the dancing
Someone has to leave the light
Someone has to show there's another way to go
Than to go ahead with every fight

Someone has to break the pattern
Someone has to take the chance
Someone has to be the first to dance

John Smith: Dance? Aren't things a little serious for dancing?

Pocahontas: For my people, when things are most serious or sacred, it's our way to dance.

John Smith: I'm sorry, I can't.

Pocahontas: I understand, but I have to.

Grandmother Willow: (singing again) They were dancing in a circle
At the center of the world
All the nations, all together
All the colors mixed and swirled

All the two legs
And the four legs
And the creatures of the air
In a vision
I can see them dancing there

But somebody has to begin it
Somebody brave has to dare

Someone has to start the dancing
Someone has to call the tune
Someone has to prove
There's a better way to move
Then to move along a road to ruin

Someone has to hear the "could bes"
Instead of all the "won'ts" and "can'ts"
Someone has to be the first to dance

Pocahontas: They were dancing in a circle
At the center of the world
All the nations, all together
All the colors mixed and swirled

Grandmother Willow: Feel the beat expanding
See the great trees standing
All the little people dancing in the place
All the different faces
All the human races
Finally home, they are all the human race
While above them
Flocks of eagles
Make a circle in the skies
What a vision
It's a sight for these sore eyes

Maybe if someone could see it
Maybe they might realize

All: Someone has to start the dancing
It could be mighty medicine
It could even be a cure
But we never will be sure
If we're never willing to begin

Don't you feel the earth is waiting
With all of her intelligence
To hear that beat and feel that burst
And do something else can do their worst
But someone has to be the first to dance

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