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These three kittens, named Fluffy, Muffy, and Tuffy, appear in the Silly Symphony Three Orphan Kittens, and later again in its sequel, More Kittens.


Three Orphan Kittens

In the first film, they were locked into a bag and abandoned in the middle of winter. They enter a nearby house through an open basement window, and get up to mischief. The nurse catches them, and as she is about to toss them out in the cold, a little girl (who lives in the house) stops her and adopts the three kittens. In spring, they still get up to mischief, this time in the garden.

More Kittens

In the second film, the three kittens once again get into trouble, tormented by a turtle and a bluebird. This time, they find a friend and protector in Toliver the St. Bernard.


  • They possess traits similar to other cats in Disney films.
    • They are like Duchess, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse because they were abandoned without scruple.
    • Dinah, because, like her, they are ordinary cats.
    • Si and Am, because they cause trouble in a house which is not theirs (however, they do it because they are curious, while the Siamese are vicious).
    • Oliver, because they entered a house which is not theirs to be adopted by a little girl.