The Flying Squirrel is a character and foil of Donald Duck who appeared in the 1954 short, The Flying Squirrel.


The Squirrel is shown to kind, playful and mischievious. It is only after Donald cheats him and mistreats him that he is shown to be short tempered and cunning.


The Squirrel is first seen collecting acorns to store in his tree when Donald comes along his cart of peanuts. The Squirrel goes to look at them longingly but the prescence of Donald scares him away.

Donald then makes a deal with the Squirrel asking him to help hang the sign up for him in exchange for a peanut. He agrees and afterwards Donald gives him a peanut.

However the Squirrel finds out that Donald has cheated him when he finds the nuts inside the shell are black and have worn away to dust.

He complains to Donald that he wants a real peanut, but Donald refuses and throws him into the park fountain. After this the Squirrel tries many ways to get a peanut, but Donald constantly thwarts him.

In the end Donald loads a cannon full of popcorn and fires at him. The Squirrel returns fire by dropping pine cones on him and then stuffing a tree branch into the cannon. There is an almighty explosion that catapults Donald into the air. The Squirrel retrieves a peanut from Donald's pocket before the duck hits his peanut cart with a loud crash.

He then holds up the peanut in triumph.


The flying squirrel bears a slight resemblance to Chip.

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