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Foxglove is a bat from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers who is featured in the episode "Good Times, Bat Times".



Foxglove is a bat with bright pink fur who is introduced as one of the minions of a washerwoman named Winifred, who was trying to become a witch. According to her own words, she had no friends before she met Winifred. However, during the events of the episode she was featured in, she falls in love with Dale, and joins the Rescue Rangers in their quest to stop Winifred. She becomes friends with the Rangers following Winifred's defeat.

Foxglove is a very friendly bat, showing a cheerful, easy-going demeanor when she doesn't have to deal with anything. She's also very brave and willing to face danger to protect those she cares about. She is very flirtatious with Dale.

Foxglove disappeared after her debut episode, but became so massively popular with fans that she would eventually reappear in Boom! Studios' short-lived Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers comic book in 2010.


Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Foxglove made her only appearance in the Season 2 episode, "Good Times, Bat Times". She first appears when Dale falls from a light pole the Ranger Wing got tangled up in. She saves Dale from falling, becoming smitten with him in the process, and then becomes acquainted with the other Rangers. The team then leaves for home and Foxglove follows them.

The next day, Foxglove surprises Dale and tries to hit on him when Winifred shows up to collect one of the ingredients for her spell. Foxglove helps stop the Ranger Wing from crashing and then, once the team has recovered, Chip hands her Winifred's list while he goes to help the others. Foxglove recognizes the list and goes off to find her boss.

At the museum, Foxglove brings the ingredient list to Winifred and retrieves the last ingredient she needs, a moon rock along with her other two cohorts, Bud and Lou. The Rangers arrive to stop them only for Winifred to absent-mindedly shoot the moon rock at them. When she realizes her mistake, Foxglove volunteers to get the rock back so she won't hurt the Rangers (especially Dale).

The next morning, Foxglove notices Dale trying to move the rock and takes the opportunity to flirt with him. She suggests Dale invite her to breakfast, but he protests, saying Gadget is cooking (which he says she is bad at) and that he isn't allowed to cook. Foxglove then asks if she can have the rock to which he agrees, only for Winifred to appear to take the rock herself, capturing both Dale and Foxglove in the process.

That evening as Winifred prepares to complete her spell, she reveals to Dale that Foxglove is on her side. Dale accuses the bat of trying to trick him and the other Rangers, to which she pleads with him, saying Winifred was her only friend until she met him and the Rangers. Winifred, however, is unapologetic and demonstrates her power on Dale. Foxglove tries to defend him and even threatens to ruin the spell, but she is subdued by Bud and tied up in Lou's web so they may eat her and Dale once the spell is finished. Fortunately, Zipper, having witnessed the whole thing, has brought the other Rangers. He's able to untie Dale and Foxglove who, after Bud and Lou are defeated, ruin the spell, with Winifred being arrested soon after.

With Winifred taken care of, Foxglove becomes an official friend of the Rescue Rangers and gives Dale hang-gliding lessons.


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  • Foxglove is the second female character to compete with Gadget for the chipmunks' affections, following Tammy. Unlike Tammy, however, Foxglove never actually spoke to Gadget or showed any hostility towards her.
  • Foxglove's eyes appear brown in one scene.

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