The Foxworth Residence is the home of Jenny Foxworth and her parents, Winston, Georgette, and most recently Oliver. The design is based on 5th Avenue buildings in New York City back in the 1980s.


The building is located at #1125, 5th Avenue, New York. The building itself is surrounded by gardens with fences and trees on the sidewalk outside, with small stairs and two big front doors as the main entrance. A small area, known as the fire escape, outside Jenny's room is outfitted for Jenny and her family to escape in case of fire and allow the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) access to the upper floors when fighting fire there. When Dodger and the gang "rescue" Oliver, they use the fire escape to flee and return Oliver to Fagin's Barge (Oliver's second former home).

The building itself is mostly orange-yellow in color, with multiple white windows of varying sizes and a blue rooftop with two front windows. Inside, there are various rooms that are used by Jenny and her family.

Places of interest

  • Jenny's room: Where Jenny and recently Oliver sleep, Jenny partially sings "Good Company", Georgette brings Dodger and the gang in to show where Oliver is, Georgette helps Dodger and the gang with the "rescue" mission so as to get rid of Oliver, Dodger and the gang escape with Oliver; with Georgette's help, through the fire escape, Georgette slaps Tito after Tito's failed attempt to hit on her, and the fire escape is located.
  • Georgette's room: Where Georgette sleeps, spends her time in a make-up counter, sings "Perfect Isn't Easy", and later meets Dodger and the gang.
  • Kitchen: Where everyone eats, Jenny makes a mess while preparing Oliver's special meal, Georgette meets Oliver, Dodger and the gang leave a mess when looking for Oliver, Winston becomes competitive when watching Wrestling on T.V., and finally makes a bet with Fagin during another Wrestling round on T.V. at the end of the movie.
  • Piano Room: Where Jenny always practices her piano lessons, recently plays with Oliver, and sings "Good Company".
  • Living Room: Where Dodger and the gang check out and admire all the paintings and masterpieces (mostly Francis), Georgette exercises, everyone celebrates Jenny's 8th Birthday, and the dogs give Jenny's birthday gifts.
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