The Foxworths' Limousine is a beige limousine owned by the Foxworth family but used by Winston while Jenny Foxworth's parents are away on a business trip. It has a license plate that spells out 410 FEM and New York in a smaller text and an ornament on the back.

In the film

Winston used the limousine to drive Jenny home from school. When Einstein deliberately bumps his head into the car and Francis takes his place of the dog hit, Winston stops and goes to check out the problem. While Winston tends to Francis, Tito and Oliver sneak into the limo to steal its radio for Fagin so as to help him with his financial problems with his evil boss, Sykes. While Tito handles the theft, Oliver is the lookout. When Oliver hears a sound and sees something at the back, he's a bit frightened. Oliver tries to tell Tito but he is too busy with the wires. Then, by accident, Oliver slips on the ignition keys, thus, starting up the car, barbequing Tito, and causing him to "fly" out the window. Oliver is caught by the wires and found by Jenny, whom he was frightened of at first when he heard and saw her. Winston gets back in to see if Jenny's alright after hearing the noise and Francis drops the act. Then, Winston drives Jenny and Oliver to her huge mansion on 5th Avenue.


  • The Limousine may be based on a 1985 Lincoln Town Car only with an extended wheelbase design.


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