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Frankie Bolt is a character in Disney Junior's and Disney Channel's "Vampirina". She made her debut in the Season 2 episode "TNN". She is revealed to be also one of Vee's oldest friends from Transylvania.


Frankie loves being a Transylvanian News Reporter, like her father. However, she secretly dislikes Monsters being friends with humans, because she finds that they get easily scared at spooky things and had a negative opinion on them, which makes her misanthropic, until she later realizes that she was wrong, when Vee and her friends confront her for saying the things against humans by reporting it to news. She apologizes to humans for her behavior and opinion towards them.


Frankie Bolt is a young Frankenstein monster. She has teal skin, short black hair that has maroon highlights, brown eyes with octagon-shaped glasses, and two neck bolts held together by a stitch across her neck, and two stitches connecting her hands to her arms wearing a gold lightning bolt white heart necklace, a brown shirt with dark brown bolts, a black jacket, a brown belt with a bolt belt buckle, and black pants, with black and red boots.

In her PJs, they looks like Vee’s PJs a little bit. Only different colors. Her center has a heart with a lighting bolt. With bolts, the same heart and lighting bolt in the center, and screws, Her colors are orange and black.


  • She and Vampirina have a spookerific double-secret claw shake.
  • Poppy and Bridget become her first human friends.