Frederick "Fred" Holywell is Ebenezer Scrooge's nephew and a supporting character in A Christmas Carol. He is also the only living relative Scrooge has left. Scrooge (in the beginning anyway) has a sour attitude towards Fred because his birth was what caused the death of Scrooge's loving sister, Fanny. This began his downward spiral towards becoming a bitter and greedy person.

Once Scrooge learns the error of his ways, he comes over to Fred's house for dinner in which he welcomes him with open arms and loving affection.

Role in the film

Fred is the complete opposite of Scrooge in the way that he loves Christmas and he gladly donates to charity. He offers Scrooge an invitation to his Christmas dinner every year, but Scrooge declined.

In Scrooge's past, it was revealed that Scrooge was very close with his younger sister, Fan, but unfortunately, she died when giving birth to Fred. This explains why Scrooge has such a sour attitude towards him, despite the fact that he is his only living family member and also the fact he is a spinning image of his mother. In the present day, it was shown that Fred and his friends were making jokes behind Scrooge's back at the Christmas dinner Scrooge earlier rejected an invitation to.

In the future, Scrooge had died and Fred inherited all his wealth. After the visit of the three spirits, Scrooge changed for the better and attended Fred's Christmas dinner to make up for all his years of rejection.


  • He is voiced by Colin Firth.
  • Fred shares similarities with an earlier Dickens creation called Nicholas Nickleby. Both characters have uncles who are heartless moneylenders (Scrooge and Ralph Nickleby respectively).
  • In Mickey's Christmas Carol Fred's (Donald Duck) wife is never mentioned so its unclear if he is married or not in this version.


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