Free as the Breeze (also known as I'm Free as the Breeze) was a deleted song from Disney's 1955 animated feature, Lady and the Tramp in which Tramp expressed his views on his carefree lifestyle to his friend Lady.


TrampI'm free as the breeze
Shaking hands with the trees on an autumn day

I'm free as the breeze
I intend, if you please to remain that way

Free as the prairie flowers 
Blooming on the purple hills
Free as the April showers 
Making pitter-patter music on the window sills

I'm free as the sun and there's no certain one that I'm looking for

Travel alone, the world is my throne
I'm a king-and what's more

I'm rich without a dollar
'Cause I wear no man's collar

I'm free as the breeze and I'll do as I please
Forever and ever more


  • It was removed from the film after Peggy Lee and Sonny Burke decided that Tramp didn't need to have a song.

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