Frida Kahlo is a character in the 2017 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Coco and the 2002 Miramax live action feature film Frida. She is based on the renowned Mexican artist of the same name and is depicted much as she was in life, particularly in her artwork.

Role in the film

While visiting the arts district of the Land of the Dead, Miguel Rivera runs into Frida after Dante chases after her monkey alebrije. She takes an interest in Dante, believing the dog to be a spirit guide as the Xoloitzcuintle is considered a special being, though decides that he might just be an ordinary dog after seeing him choke on his own foot. Frida shows Miguel that she is busy working on a performance that is scheduled for Ernesto de la Cruz's concert, but is having a hard time trying to find the right tone of the act. Miguel suggests some elements she can add in, to which Frida finds insightful, and compliments the boy's talents as Miguel explains he hopes to become a musician; sympathizing with his dream, Frida encourages Miguel to follow this. She also expresses annoyance at de la Cruz since he never comes to rehearsals, instead hosting a lavish party.

Later on, Miguel and his family enlist Frida to help them sneak into Ernesto's concert so they can recover Héctor's photo that Ernesto had taken. During her opening act, Frida helps the family by hiding them among her dancers, thus giving them access to backstage. She wishes Miguel luck as he goes, receiving a heartfelt thanks in return.


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