Fritz Feld was a German-American film character actor who played the role of a Maître d' in Herbie Rides Again, Mr. Jackman in Freaky Friday, Sigmund van Dyke in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and the Chief Steward in Herbie Goes Bananas.

Early life and career

Born on October 15, 1900 in Berlin, Germany, Feld began his acting career by making a screen debut in The Golem and the Dancing Girl (1917). Feld filmed the sound sequences of the Cecil B. DeMille film The Godless Girl (1929), released by Pathé, without DeMille's supervision since DeMille had already broken his contract with Pathé, and signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In his later years, Feld appeared in several Walt Disney films and also played a dramatic role in Barfly. In addition to films, he acted in numerous television series in guest roles, including the recurring role of "Zumdish", the manager of the intergalactic Celestial Department Store on Lost In Space, in two Season 2 episodes, The Android Machine and The Toymaker. Zumdish returned in the Season 3 episode Two Weeks In Space, where he had been brainwashed by bank robbers into believing he was a tour director taking the robbers on holiday. He also portrayed one of the Harmonia Gardens waiters in the film Hello, Dolly! (1969).

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