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The Frog-Bot Army (AKA Frobo Army) are the robotic minions of King Andrias.



The Standard Frog-Bot are large Frog like robots with glowing red eyes, enormous shoulder pads, long arms, skinny legs a frog foot symbol on their chests, and a black paint job. They have laser riffles and jetpacks as standard issue.

The Silver Frog-Bot is lanky and thin to quickly maneuver in urban areas and have razor sharp claws & a cloaking device .

The Giant Frog-Bot is enormous, bigger than any of the houses in Wartwood. It has red eyes, a bulky build, and a bronze point job. It can shoot multiple smaller Frog-Bots similar to its design for reinforcements from its shoulders and back. It has incredible strength befitting its size and built in missile launchers in its arms and chest.

Role in the Series


1,000 years before the three human girls came to Amphibia it was a lot more technologically advanced, but when the king of the amphibious inhabitants of that world Andrias Leviathan was betrayed by his closest friends, the extremely powerful Calamity Box was stolen from him and with the mystical music box gone, technology including robotics disappeared and was eventually forgotten by most.

Season 2

King Andrias finally got The Calamity Box then used it to power up his castle enabling to to fly. Then it sent out a signal to reactivate the Ruins of Despair causing them to and create and army of Frog-Bots under the giant newt king's command.

Season 3

The Frog-Bots were seen guarding the flying castle while Andrias sent a special silver one to earth to terminate Anne. He also sent a gigantic bronze one to take care of Sasha and wipe out Wartwood but was destroyed.



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