Fujimoto is the former main antagonist in Hayao Miyazaki's 2009 animated film Ponyo. While he is depicted as the main antagonist, Fujimoto really hasn't done anything that a villain would normally do. He's rather just a over-protective and over-controlling father who just wants to prevent his daughter from wanting to turn human. But in the end, Fujimoto sees the error of his ways and lets Ponyo become human while she's staying with Sosuke, his mother, Lisa and his father, Koichi right after asking Sosuke to take good care of Ponyo.


Originally a human, Fujimoto serves as the Guardian of Sea Life. Being the husband of Granmamare, Fujimoto is the father of Ponyo and her sisters. He is shocked to find out Ponyo is in the care of a young boy named Souske, and has to retrieve Ponyo back before it's too late. Although he's successful the first time, Ponyo would escape again, thus upsetting the balance of nature. Running out of time, Fujimoto had to find a solution to bring Souske and Ponyo to Granmamare and restore the balance of nature.


Fujimoto is a tall, lanky man. He seems to wear pink and blue makeup. His biggest and most notable characteristic is his long, orange hair. Fujimoto's clothing attire is a vertical-stripped jacket and a pair of black pants.


Although Fujimoto takes the role of the antagonist in Ponyo, he's not considered a villain, since his intents are only for the greater good of the world. For example, if Ponyo is on earth without her father in her care, then the force of nature becomes unbalanced and upset. Fujimoto had never any intents on attacking Souske, but had to since had to since Ponyo was outside of his care.

Fujimoto has hatred towards humans, since he's disgusted by the pollution that humans have caused to the ocean. Although, his hatred seemed to lessen once he allowed Ponyo to live with Souske.

Although he's hard on his daughters, he loves them deeply despite his hard exterior. He also shares a deep love with his wife Granmamare, who serves as the Goddess of Mercy and the Queen of the ocean.

Once Ponyo turned human, and with the balance of nature restored, Fujimoto eventually wished Souske good luck and wishes the best for Souske and his daughter.

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